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The perfect cooperation with our partners and the most modern scanning technology for shape registration result in significantly shorter production and adjustment times for patients.

In order to make the already shortened waiting time as pleasant as possible for patients,Free coffee, tea, cocoa and wateroffered. There is also a private examination room with a comfortable sofa and a desk for any homework or other errands.Free WIFIis available in all rooms.


Please bring comfortable pants such as leggings, sweatpants or shorts to each appointment. Girls also need a bra or sports top and a hair tie if they have long hair.

The location is not barrier-free!If you need support in this regard, just give us a call! We will find a solution.

first presentation:

During the first visit, patients and their companions are informed individually and with a lot of sensitivity about the corset therapy and the necessary checks up to the end of growth down to the smallest detail.


A current X-ray of the spine not older than 3 months and a prescription from the orthopedic field are required to record the shape.


A complete patient history is taken and the costs are explained. The latest 3D scanning technology is used for the surface measurement, which guarantees a significantly better fit and is a more comfortable examination for patients compared to the plaster cast technique. A timely adjustment date will be agreed. We will be happy to take over all further steps with the respective cost bearers for you.


The patients come to the agreed fitting date, when the detailed cut is determined. In addition, a pressure point check must be simulated in various everyday situations in order to specify the individual requirements.

Finally, the photo documentation and training on how to use the corset and the agreement of necessary  follow-up checks.


The first two weeks are used for acclimatization, where the prescribed daily wearing time is to be increased continuously according to the medical staff.

Serthify handles the entire organization for the specialist medical examination using an X-ray in the corset.

Process control:

Aftercare is the most important aspect here. Due to constant growth, the anatomy of the body changes and the corset has to be regularly optimized in order to do justice to the therapeutic efforts of each individual.

Specialist examination using X-rays:

After the wearing time has been reached, an X-ray should be taken in the corset 6-8 weeks later to check the correction. The X-ray result will be discussed with your treating medical specialist and adapted if necessary in order to generate the individual optimum for you.

Final check - weaning:

The corset training usually takes place after the end of bone growth. It is determined by the specialist of the so-called "Risser exposure" (growth plate on the iliac crest). The wearing time is reduced individually and depending on the severity of the scoliosis. At the same time, physiotherapy should be intensified in order to consolidate the therapeutic success that has already been achieved.

At the final check, as at the first visit, a complete patient history is taken in order to show the documentation process of the entire therapy result.

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