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We are pursuing an innovative concept that uses modern digital working methods to raise first-class products and high-quality services to an unprecedented level.

Together with Dr. Manuel Rigo MD PhD, internationally recognized 3D bracing scoliosis expert, and my cooperation partner Ortholutions GmbH & Co. KG, the specialist in the field of corset production worldwide, we offer the highest quality individual manual work in digitized and CNC-supported form.

We treat growing children and adolescents with a three-dimensional misalignment of the spine, also known as "scoliosis". This misalignment can be stabilized and, in the best case, corrected with a derotation corset according to “Cheneau”.

Our core competence lies in constant data maintenance, which optimizes a wide variety of processes and modes of action of the existing evidence-based database with over 40,000 documented cases. Thus, a so-called "Gold Standard" develops year after year with our cooperation partners.

In order to be able to scientifically evaluate the effect of the wearing time on the success of the treatment, monitoring over the entire treatment period is necessary. With the data recorded, which you will receive from us regularly, we achieve a positive side effect: motivation and wearing time are increased enormously.

The benefit for our patients lies in the interdisciplinary cooperation with medical professionals and physiotherapists. That is exactly what is lived at Serthify: In difficult times, creating the best for those affected. Because only in a team can the optimal, individual therapy result be achieved for you.

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